the obsCURE wishes you happy Xmas Holidays

The obsCURE wishes you all a happy holiday season. Our band would not be where we are now without your loyal support. We had a great 2016 and many thanks to all people that had a little hand in this (organisations that booked us, soundcrews, lighting crews, YOU,…). We were able to play in Germany for the first time, in french Belgium (Rixensart 5000 people), got into the national papers after our gig in Retie and many more other fun experiences.

Looking ahead to 2017 we have a lot more upcoming in the first months and are able to play in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and we add Luxembourg to this list.
Hope to meet you again to build another party. As Robert Smith once wrote: “The Party Gets Better and Better” ;
this video is for YOU, our fans, to say thanks.

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